RISE Educational Systems, Inc.
Student-Directed, Flexible Grouping * Multi-Tiered Performance Levels *     NGSS Aligned Curriculum * Technology Infusion * Hands-On Activities * Enhanced Student Outcomes & Self-Efficacy * Enhanced Learning Across Ability Levels * Learning Environments Flex With District Resources * Flexible Time Intervals Match School Schedules
RISE Educational Systems, Inc. promotes Student-Centered Adaptable Learning Environments (SCALE) to encourage more learners to progress from novice to mastery learners when students are exposed to new content in science.  SCALE draws perspective from other well known learning theories:      
                                                    * Cognitive Load Theory (CLT)
                                                    * Social Development Theory's Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD)
                                                    * Expectancy Theory (VIE)
                                                    * Self-Efficacy Theory (SET)

These theories are brought together to enhance both cognitive and affective aspects important to learning progression in students.
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